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We at J&F Beaverton Tree Service are proud to provide your trees with a preservation minded arborist service. Our commitment to you is to help keep your valued trees in a healthy and structurally stable way.

To grant a tree a long healthy life there must be a sense of care granted. An uncared tree is subject to disease, defects, and injuries, which makes it prone to partial or complete failure.

We provide tree services in the way of proper pruning and structural support, among other cares. As mentioned, trees are subject to weather, construction, and disease problems, which require proper trimming, professional support systems, and specific disease treatments.

The professional team at J&F Tree Service has the extensive knowledge that comes with years of experience in the field. Our staff will provide you with the appropriate recommendations to care for your trees. Feel free to contact us to help resolve any doubts you might have about proper tree care.


Every year many homeowners make the decision to remove one or more trees on their property. Removing the trees must be always done in a safe matter to avoid property damage or personal injury. Arborists are professionals well trained in the area of cutting down any tree anywhere in a proper and safe manner. It is important to know in what order and in what direction to begin cutting a tree. You must carefully analyze the area in which each branch will land assuring complete safety in the fall

There are many unpredictable problems that can arise from any branch falling. In occasion the branches can brake and bounce to areas not considered. Therefore, Arborist have years of experience in knowing all areas of safety and precaution when considering the removal of any tree. We strongly recommend always considering their professional opinion before removing any or big branches that could cause serious damage.

Benefits of Tree Removal in the Beaverton Area


Removing hazardous or dead trees can prevent potential accidents such as falling branches or trees during storms, protecting property and people from harm.

Property Preservation

Removing trees that are encroaching on structures or have roots damaging foundations can preserve the integrity of buildings and landscapes, preventing costly repairs in the future

Aestethic Improvement

Removing unwanted or unsightly trees can enhance the visual appeal of a property, allowing for better landscaping and creating a more pleasing environment.

Healthier Environment

Removing diseased or invasive trees can help maintain the overall health of the surrounding ecosystem, promoting the growth of healthier vegetation and preserving biodiversity.

Increased Sunlight

Removing large or overgrown trees can allow more sunlight to reach your property, promoting better growth for other plants, improving visibility, and creating a brighter, more inviting outdoor space.

Beaverton Stump Removal Services

In order to remove stumps from your property there are two common options; grind the stump, or dig it out with a mechanical excavator. Stump grinding is the preferred method for stump removal in most situations as it limits the extent of site disturbance and impact. J&F Tree Service is equipped with multiple Stump Grinding machines in order that they might efficiently complete your project. Whether you have one stump on a steep incline in the back yard that can only be accessed through a gate, or an entire site riddled with stumps, J&F Tree Service has the equipment to remove those unwanted stumps.

How Does Stump Grinding Work?

The process of stump grinding is done with the use of a cutting wheel that moves back and forth across the stump surface, chewing it into chip sized pieces. During the standard stump grinding process we would grind an area approximately 1.5 times the width of the stump to a depth of 6″-18″, depending on the presence of rocks and other obstructions. We can grind more extensively if requested for estimation of your project.

When finished, a mound approximately three times the size of the stump remains. This material is left on site for your use or disposal. If you request, we can remove these grindings for an additional fee. Locates will be called in if needed, however, items such as down spout drains, water lines, personally installed electric lines or irrigation lines and sprinklers, would be your responsibility to clearly display as locate companies will not do so.

The grinder can leave some markings in the landscape from the line to the stump during travel across the terrain; care will be taken to make these as minor as possible. In situations where turf damage is a significant concern, we can cover the path with plywood if requested prior to the date on which the stump grinding is scheduled.

Beaverton Tree Trimming Services

There are three main reasons that surround the why of trimming any tree in general. The first and most important reason to consider if that of safety. In following this, we approach the reason of health and of aesthetic.


Trees intercede in many instances with power lines and the branches could fall on these lines causing all kinds of mayhem to your home or that of neighbors. Besides falling on power lines the simple fact that any branches could fall on any property, on you, or on children, or passing pedestrians is a serious issue. Every year many children fall from trees from branches that break because of not being safely trimmed. Many of these branch safety issues could be avoided by selecting carefully the trees that you can properly manage. Analyze to what extent the tree can grow and the area you are planting it in to avoid future accidents.


Trimming a tree for health reasons involves many areas. Many times branches will cross between other branches affecting the growth of the tree. As you trim a tree always consider trimming it to allow proper direction in the growth. Some branches will even rub other branches causing it to have open areas that can become insect infected. Look carefully at the branches to assure that each one is healthy and growing in the proper direction.Trimming a tree for aesthetic reasons is also consider an important reason for trimming any tree. Some branches will take some very different directions making the tree loose a beautiful shape. Some branches grow downwards and need to be trimmed.


You can trim a tree properly to allow for a more beautiful show of flowers when they blossom. In speaking about flower trees, timing is definitely essential when it comes to trimming these type of branches. The blossoms are exposed a year prior to their actual blooming. While trimming the branches you have two areas of focus: The branches area that you need to preserve for next year’s blooming and the branches area you need to trim for this year’s tree health and show. A good precision in the trimming will grant you a very healthy tree and a beautiful flower show to expose.

Learning where to cut in the right place will save your tree from committing one of the greatest trimming mistakes, to cut in the wrong place.